Let the breath guide your body, each inhalation and exhalation bringing you back to yourself. Our vinyasa flow classes are vigorous, with dynamic sequences that link breath and movement, building internal heat that opens the physical body for transformation, and stillness in the mind. These classes are for physically active individuals who want to explore the depths and edges of their physical body and greater consciousness.


These classes are a blend and inspiration of multiple hatha yoga traditions. Taking these various hatha yoga disciplines such as ashtanga (a dynamic connecting of postures, that creates a flow between the more static traditional yoga postures) and Iyengar (which focuses on the structural alignment of the physical body through the development of asanas, stabilized by using props ) and unites them for a synergistic blend. These classes offer a unique approach to integrating the teachings of different lineages. Students receive an eclectic and integrative experience that unites the greatest offerings of the practice into a whole-is


Gentle Flow Yoga is an ideal class for athletes with tight muscles, practitioners nursing injuries and any student that prefers a vinyasa class with a more relaxed pace. Gentle Yoga is a powerful antidote to feeling "stressed out", weakened or fatigued. In this class the "Allowing" of the body to be supported in different Yoga poses, both active and restorative, with conscious breathing brings balance in one's energy and a clear calmness to one's mind. This class typically includes deep stretching, mindful vinyasa and breath work. In addition, this class accommodates the INDIVIDUAL needs of each student with different conditions, injuries, and physical abilities. This is also the class to explore when returning from an injury or when the body feels compromised in any way… Take a gentler, slower, therapeutic path!


This style of yoga is a dynamic, challenging combination of strength, sweat and spirituality. Power Yoga detoxifies the body while building endurance and cultivating balance. This accessible, athletic, and flowing form of yoga will lead you to a state of transformation. Emphasizing strong balancing and standing poses it will sculpt, tone and hone all the muscles of your body while calming your mind. Within the consistency of this structured class, there are many modifications and variations that serve the needs of all experience levels. Find your edge and discover your inner strength. All level are welcome, while some vinyasa experience


Fun and imaginative, our yoga for kids classes are designed to help children build strength, flexibility, and concentration in a non-competitive environment. Classes emphasize playful exploration, teamwork, cooperation, and problem-solving skills within the yoga class. Individual, small, and whole group yoga exercises are explored, as well as partner poses. Children unite and learn to connect with themselves and each other for joyful, play-FULL, yoga experiences.


This 60 minute therapeutic flow class is heat building and healing. We will move through a blended hatha practice using sound healing tools to assist in deepening our journey inward. Each class will focus in on two chakras (energy centers), crystal singing bowls we be used to align and re-tune these centers, and then to bathe you in sound during savasana (final relaxation). ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME


Slow Flow Yoga integrates the breath and movement into a slower paced, mindful vinyasa, set to candle light. This class aims to relax and balance the mind and body, with poses held for an extended period of time, facilitating a deeper release. This class is ideal for beginners, those who are less flexible, those who simply prefer to enjoy a slower paced flow, and for students who'd like an introduction to yoga in an encouraging, supportive and tranquil environment. ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME


In Deep Stretch Yin Yoga you will be guided into sustained stretching poses (yin poses), designed to support and preserve joint, bone and connective tissue health. Assisted by the use of props, you will be encouraged to relax your body and breath to allow the pull of gravity to deepen your stretch. Yin yoga will help improve your overall mobility and range of motion, specifically in the hips, pelvis and spine.
On an energetic level, this class enhances the flow of prana (life force) in the tissues surrounding the joints, where energy often stagnates. The enhanced energy flow supports optimum organ and immune function, overall health and emotional wellbeing


This class takes the fundamental Pilates mat class and kicks it up to the next level. Intermediate and advanced poses will be introduced and some Yoga stretches are blended into this powerful Pilates class. Balance and endurance are challenged and resistance is emphasized in this total body workout using small equipment such as fitness circles, weights and Therabands to define muscle and improve core strength, agility and coordination.


(1) Beginner - Appropriate for all levels, including those completely new to yoga, and those who may have physical limitations
(1/2) Beginner / Intermediate - Suitable for all students without physical limitations, who feel ready to jump into the flow and learn and progress over time.Those with a more advanced practice are invited to (mindfully) "level-up" by adding more challenging transitions and playing with inversions and arm balances
(2) Intermediate - Appropriate for students with a basic working knowledge of class format and verbal cues, and with the stamina to move through more advanced and challenging sequences including options for arm balances and inversions.


1 Week of Unlimited classes
for new clients

* 7 Consecutive days of unlimited classes